Wondering how to grow your hair?

Some women are blessed with the beauty of quickly and easily growing hair, but this hair trend is not applicable to all. It might take months, or even years to grow a couple of inches. The lengthy hair adds beauty to the personality of the lovely ladies. The desire for getting long hair is cost-effective, but it requires willpower and care, but both of them are available in short supply.

No need to be worried more we are here to answer all of your queries regarding the growth of the hair and will provide helpful tips to grow them. Read on.

Why Won’t My Hair Grow Quickly?

It is quite frustrating to wait for a long time for the growth of the hair. Also, there is the availability of hair extensions in the market to have long hair in a minute. But you will not get complete satisfaction with these fake hair. You have to give complete care to your hair to have flawless hair growth.

It may be due to a genetic problem.

Every individual has a different cycle for the growth of the hair. The growth of hair does not stop at any specific length, but it stops after some time. And that growth period depends on the genetics background. There is the growth of hair half an inch per month on average. But due to the different cycle, the length of the hair varies from person to person.

Due to over shedding.

Shedding of hair is the natural process. And everyone sheds hair. For the generation of new hair, the old hair falls out. Mostly 100 of hair are dropped on average in a day and quickly their replacement is done with the new hair. But when the generation of the hair occurs at a slower rate, then it is a symptom that you are suffering from hair loss.

Age and stress level of the person.

Hair becomes weaker due to specific reasons after some ages. Lots of styling and heat treatment causes significant damage to hair. All the physical and emotional stress have a direct impact on the quality of the hair.

Due to the breakage of hair.

Brushing, styling, showering and bleaching of hair has an adverse effect on the growth of the hair. If you handle your hair too roughly and too often brushing reduces the shininess of the hair. The use of chemical and bleach loses the elasticity and moisture of your hair.

   Improper Diet

Deficiency of vitamin and essential nutrients have a negative impact on the growth of the hair. The proper amount of iron and protein must be included in the diet for the healthy growth of the hair.

Tips for the Growth of Hair

The easiest way to start the growth of the hair is the proper diet. The complete and balanced diet provides adequate nourishment to the hair scalp and generates the new hair.

Do the proper massage to your hair scalp. It stimulates the circulation of the blood and provides moisturization to the hair root.

Have proper trimming of your hair after a certain period. Remove all the split ends that appear to you.

Stop washing your hair on a single day. It will take out all the essential oil and makes the hair dry.

Gently do the brushing of the hair and also not so frequently.

Try to reduce all types of stress.

Application of natural hair pack must be done once a week to provide nourishment and boosts the growth of the hair.

Ensure that your hair must be protected from the harmful radiation and dusty environment.

Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and for the removal of toxins from the body.

Avoid wrapping the wet hair into the towel.