The Ponytail Extension: The best hair accessory

Artificial Hair Integrator: Ponytail Extension

Ponytails are the most versatile and amazing hairstyles that every girl loves to create. They can create different types of ponytails and create a different look with their hair. Ponytails go best with all occasions of formal and informal places. 

Unfortunately, some women are not blessed with long hair. So to solve their problem, ponytail extensions are the great option. Ponytail extensions are the artificial mode of getting the desired type of hairstyle. You have to clip on the ponytail extension and have a fabulous look. It is the convenient tool to get a longer and thicker ponytail without any hassle. 

Benefits of Using Ponytail Extensions 

  • With the help of the ponytail extension, you can create a unique look and with much comfort. 
  • It adds versatility to your hairstyle. The market is full of different types of ponytail extensions. Some of them are sort; some are long, you can choose as per your convenience. Also, it is available in different styles; you can go with them and have the great look.   
  • They are quick and easy to use. It is a comfortable tool for those who feel lots of trouble in styling their hair. Those who don’t have ideas to create different styles with their hair, ponytail extensions are the best tools to have multiple styles in just a minute.
  • You can easily give the style to your ponytail extension the day before wearing it. There will be no rush in the morning for curling or straightening the hair. 
  • The ponytail extension comes with silicone lined clips that ensure the comfort, security, and support while wearing the extensions. 
  • You can quickly implement these ponytails with your hair in a minute.
  • It also boosts the confidence level as your hair feels good, so naturally, you will feel good. 
  • It protects your natural hair from outside dust particles. 
  • The cost of ponytail extensions is less as compared to full-length extensions. 
  • You have the option to choose from different hair color extensions. You will get the desired hair color without using any hair color treatment or product. 

How to Add Ponytail Extension?

Before applying for the hair extensions, your natural hairs must get correctly arranged. It will give an undetectable application of ponytails. It includes blow-drying of the natural hair to get the maximum volume of the hair and straighten them so that no lines or cracks appear in between the natural hair and ponytail extensions.

  • Start from the bottom nape area of the head and start making segment. Use a hair clip to secure the segmented part.
  • Fix the clip of the ponytail extension with the segmented section and style it accordingly.
  • For getting the natural look, you can trim the hair layers and also can use the curlers or hair straightener. Now you are ready to go with your fab look. 

How to Care for your Ponytail Extensions?

If you use any of the hair extension, either it is clip-in ponytail extension or human hair extension; you must care for it also. Learning hair extensions caring tips helps in maintaining the beauty and texture of the extension. As hair extensions do not produce natural oil like humans, but they can still become dirty and unsightly when proper care is not given to them that they require. 

Take out your hair extensions before going to bed. 

As hair extensions have a tiny comb in them and it can dig inside your head while you sleep in the night and can cause pain. If you sleep while wearing the hair extension, then it will add a dust particle to them and makes them dirty. Also, the style and pattern of the ponytail extension get damaged. To use extensions with ease the next morning again, it is best to place them in the correct position before going to bed. 

Wash them after some time.

Just like natural hair, ponytail extensions also require proper cleaning at the regular interval of time. Soak the extension in the lukewarm water, use a mild shampoo and wash it gently. You can also apply a conditioner after rinsing the extension. 

Let the extension becomes dry by hanging it.

With the help of a soft towel, make the ponytail extension pat dry and then put them on the hanger. Place the hanger in the well-ventilated place so that hair extension can dry quickly. Don’t do any brushing or styling on the wet extension as it will make the fiber frizzy. 

Comb the Ponytail Extension with the wide-tooth comb.

When your hair extensions become complete dry, you can brush them with the help of a wide-tooth comb. Start brushing the hair from the lower portion then move to the upper part. Don’t use the same comb that you use on your hair for brushing the extensions as your hair produces natural oil that can degrade the quality of the fiber that is used in the production of the ponytail extension. 

Take complete Care while styling them With Heat Appliances.

It will be best if you do not apply any kind of heating treatment like curling or straightening on the extension. Because ponytail extensions are made up of fiber and heat will degrade their quality, and they can melt. But if you still want to use heat treatment, then before using them, apply any heat protecting spray or use a lower temperature. Don’t blow-dry the ponytail extension as it will make tangles in the extensions. Also, extensions should be dry before doing any heat treatment on them. 

Store them Properly after Use

After using the ponytail extension, keep them at a safe place. Secure it in the zip lock bag to protect them from the outside dust. If you don’t store them with safety, then the quality of the extensions gets damaged. If your ponytail extensions are of extended length, then it will be best that you make the braid firstly and then keep them. Your extension should be completely dry before storage. Keep the box or bag in the cool place; avoid its contact with the sunlight.

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