Combing a Wig | How to Brush Your Hair

combing a wig

How to Brush Your Hair Wigs

 After finding the perfect hair wigs, you must make the best care of it. For maintaining the quality and look of your hair wigs, you must know all the necessary maintenance tips. For combing a wig, you can follow these recommendations for the betterment of the hair wigs.

  1. Type of the Brush Used for Combing a Hair

 There are a variety of brushes that are used for combing a wig available in the market. Some of the brushes are too rough on the hair wig that ruins the quality and lifespan of hair wigs. So in order to maintain the quality and look of the hair, you should use the right type of comb that is particularly designed for combing a wig. 

2. Combing a Wig when it is dried

 There comes a time when your hair wigs get dirty and require proper cleaning against dirt and oil buildups. You can gently wash your hair wigs with proper products to make them clean. However, after washing your hair wigs, make sure that you don’t start combing in wet hair. Make your wigs hair pet dry. Combing a wig in wt condition causes knots and loosening of hair from the lace. Place your wig over a clean folded dry towel and let it dry naturally.

3. Brush your Wig Smoothly along the Towel

 Be gentle while brushing and combing your hair wigs; if you do combing of hair in a rush, then it will losses the knot that are holding the fibers to the base of the wig. The best type of brushing is done by making the small sections. Comb up and start brushing at the mid-portion of the hair toward the end. Place the hair on a towel for gentle and comfortable combing.

 Best Way for Brushing a Wig

 Gather Material

 Before combing a wig, it is necessary that you should have all the materials and products that are required in brushing. You will need a clean wig comb, a spray water bottle, and a conditioner. 

 Mount your Wig

If you have wig head, then place your wig hair over it. If you don’t have a wig head, then place the wig on a table or counter. Placing the wig over a tall object provides feasibility in combing a wig, especially when they are long enough.

 Prepare the Conditioner

 Fill the ¾ part of the spray bottle with water and the remaining part by conditioner. Shake the bottle so that the mixture properly gets mixed.

 Soak Your Wig

 You can soak your wig inside the lukewarm water. The wig should be inside the water only for 10 to 15 minutes. If your hair wigs are too dirty, then you can make use of wig shampoo for better cleaning. Clean the hair wig properly before making it dry. 

Saturate the Tips of the Hair

 Shake your spray bottle and spray it over the 3-5 inches of the wig. Hold the section of the hair and properly saturate the ending hair of the wigs. Continue the spraying and combining of the hair together for the effective removal of knots. Make use of fine teeth comb for removing the tangles. 

Let the Wig Get Dried

 After removing the entire tangle, let your wig get dried completely. After a complete dry of the hair, start combing the hair from the lower section and then moves towards the scalp side. Brushing from top to bottom creates more tangles and makes the situation worst.  

Causes of Meshed Hair Wigs

  1. Dryness 

The natural hair has less chance of becoming dry as compared to hair wigs because natural oils present in the scalp provide moisture and smoothness to the hair. But it is not so with wigs. Hair wigs do not get any necessary oil, and as a result, they remain dry and get messed. 

2. Material quality

 The synthetic hair wigs are made from polymer, acrylic, and plastic that easily get tangled if not appropriately kept. In contrast, the human hair gets messed by the exposure of the chemical product. 

 3. Rubbing and Sweat

Rubbing and sweating is another cause of meshed hair wigs. The knot easily gets created when hair wigs get in contact with sweat and get rubbed against the neck section. 

 Base Material Used in Hair Wigs

 Different types of material are used as the base material in crafting the hair wigs. Some of them are:

 Welded Lace

 It is one of the most durable types of lace that is used in the base of wigs.

Swiss Lace

 Softer and delicate than welded lace and used in making of a natural hairline.

Single & Double Monofilament

 This type of base material provides a natural look to the wigs. 

Glass Silk

Glass silk material is used in creating realistic colors and effects of the wig.


 Polyurethane materials in the base provide durability to the wigs.


 It is perfect for those who do not have any biological growth of hair as it easily gets griped on their head.

 Some Useful Tips

  1. Make use of a wide-tooth comb for combing a wig. It is so because these types of brushes don’t pull too much fiber’s from the wig and are gentle over wig hair.
  2. For removing the hair, it is recommended to make use of a conditioner that is designed for synthetic wigs. You can easily find it over the beauty shops. 
  3. If you don’t have a wig head, then don’t get worried. You can make use of your head for brushing the wigs. 
  4. If you start combing your wig hair from the upper part towards the lower section, then it will ruin the quality and texture of your wig. So it is better to start the combing of the hair from the end portion by gently removing the tangles.
  5. Have patience and time to remove the knot from the hair. Make use of your fingers in managing the tangle. 
  6. Daily brushing and combing improve the life span of the hair of the wig. You can easily use them at the required time in a hurry without facing much trouble. 
  7. Take care of your wigs in the same manner as you maintain your natural hair.
  8. Proper cleaning of wigs should be done just like your natural hair.