How to Thin Out a Wig

Wigs are the easiest and safest way to get the gorgeous hair just in a minute. Wigs give you a versatile look with the availability of different types of colors and patterns.

The presence of too dense hair on the wig sometimes gives the different appearance and ruins the overall look. You need to thin out a wig either; it is of ideal style, length, and shade to get a more natural look. Manufactures provides dense hair on wigs so that user can use it as per his/her desire. Dense wigs easily get customized.

You can thin out a wig by two different methods. Either you can use DIY to thin a wig, or you can take the help of professional hairstylists to get the most natural look with your wigs.

Thin Out a Wig with Thinning Shears

For thinning out a wig, place the wig on your head and secure it with hairpins. Decide what amount of hair you want to thin so that it will give you a better look. Separate the part of hair wig on which you want work to be done. Secure the rest of the hair properly. By holding the hair section start squeezing the hair with the help of shears. Make the cutting very close to the track and ensure that proper balancing appears after the thinning process. After thinning out a wig, comb the section so that any extra hair remaining may get cut. Mix that section of hair with the rest of your hair and look at how your hair looks after the thinning process.

  1. Start Slow

Thin Out a Wig with Following Tips

The thin-out a wig process is time taking and need patience in providing the best look. Slowly start the thinning process of the hair wigs. After cutting the desired section, place the wig on your head so that you will get the exact idea that what you were looking for and what result has come. If the correct look does, not appear then do some more snipping to get the best look. Also, make sure that you do not overdo the thinning of the wig.

  1. Thin Close To the Crown

If you want to thin out the wig, then the best place to start thinning is the crown part. It is because this is the portion where you already have your natural hair and want the thinnest section of your wig over here if you start thinning of the wig from the lower portion, then in the result, you will get short and stubby hair that will irritate you.

  1. Twist and Thin To Create Subtle Layers

For adding a subtle layer to your wig, you can take the help of thinning sheers. Hold a small section of the wig and then make a twist at that place. Make a snip at that section and pull down the sheer for removing the extra hair. You can repeat this process for having a number of twists in your wig. It is better if you try these all thinning process on your old wig.