Get Your Extension Basics Right: Here’s A Complete Guide To Hair Extensions

Never tried hair extensions before and wondering how to use them? Well, we have got it all covered in this article. Today, we will be taking you through the complete guide for choosing and using hair extensions. Time to say goodbye to those messed up extension fixes and the wrong choices.

First, you need to know about different types of hair extensions, and what will suit you. So here it goes:

1) Loop hair extensions, (micro link or micro bead extension)

If you want to add more volume to your already existing hair, then these extensions will do the trick. With the help of pliers and beads, you can loop these extensions in your hair and clamp them down. Now, these hair extensions can be moved up and down, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. However, when fixed up right, it is sure to add that attractive voluminous look to your original tresses.

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2) Weave hair extensions

For girls with thick locks, this hair extension allows them to experiment with their hairstyles. To use these, one has to first make a corn row post which the weave is braided into the natural hair providing it good support. Not advised for people with thin hair as the added weight of the wig can stress their scalp, making it difficult for the wearer to carry it with ease. Just make sure you pick the right one as per your scalp.

3) Pre-bonded or fusion hair extensions

These extensions are bonded to the natural hair using adhesives and keratin. You can find these adhesives and the best hair extensions Canada online. Professionals and salons help you with fixing these extensions which then stay for about 6 months.

4) Tape hair extensions

If you are looking for something quick and easy to fix in, then these are the right ones for you. These extensions are pre-taped and you can easily sandwich them between your hair wherever needed. They are semi-permanent and can stay from 6-12 weeks. You just need to learn the right way to fix them up for that free flowing beautiful hair look.

So your look entirely depends on your choice of extensions. Therefore, thoroughly research, try, and test before going with any of the above-listed types. Your chosen extensions should make you feel comfortable and not awkward.

So now that you know all about the clip in hair extensions Canada, you should also know about the bad habits that will destroy and damage your extension if you aren’t careful. So here’s the list of all those things that must be avoided for healthy extensions:

1) Inadequate handling of the hair extension can cause quite the damage. Right from application to removal, you need to know how to work with an extension. You can watch YouTube video tutorials and read blogs from regular users to gain insight. Additionally, you can also take professional help to learn about its correct usage, storage, and maintenance.

2) Using heat equipment frequently like ironing and curling without using heat-resistant sprays can damage the fiber of the extension. Also, applying too much of a product makes the hair go stiff and eventually break.

3) The extensions need to be cleaned from time to time. Right from washing to drying it and making sure that the dampness doesn’t develop mold, all this needs to be looked after very carefully. For trimming and styling your extensions, we would suggest that you take it to a professional and not experiment with it. For, little or no knowledge about the same can badly damage them.

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4) Pollutants like smog, smoke, and fumes can cause great damage to the appearance of your extensions. So, wherever possible, try to secure the extensions just like your natural hair and while you’re on it, maintain a healthy diet that gives your natural hair the right nutrition to stay healthy.

It is essential that you look well after your scalp, avoid strong adhesives, and use genuine products. Extensions can definitely add to your good look, only if they are used with the right technique and proper knowledge. Make sure you are well aware of all these things before using one.